Greenbone OS 21.04.19 released

For GOS 21.04, a new patch level is available.

The release upgrades the kernel of the hardware appliances to version 5.10.122 as the former version 5.10.113 was vulnerable to CVE-2022-0494, CVE-2022-0854, CVE-2022-1012, CVE-2022-1729, CVE-2022-1786, CVE-2022-1789, CVE-2022-1852, CVE-2022-1966, CVE-2022-1972, CVE-2022-1974, CVE-2022-1975, CVE-2022-21499 and CVE-2022-28893 .

Furthermore, two bugs were fixed where a scheduled task was started twice in a row and where editing credentials of the type Username + SSH Key did not change the SSH key.

We recommend everyone to upgrade to GOS 21.04.19.

In total, GOS 21.04.19 covers 2 improvements and 2 bug fixes. For a complete list of changes, see the Roadmap & Lifecycle page: