Greenbone OS 21.04.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of our newest operating system, Greenbone OS 21.04! All new GSM orders may now be shipped with GOS 21.08, and upgrades from 20.08 to GOS 21.04 are unlocked for all supported GSM models.

Please refer to the Roadmap & Lifecycle page for a list of supported GSM models:

For the list of new features and changes of default behaviour see the GOS 21.04 manual:

To upgrade from GOS 20.08 to GOS 21.04, GOS 20.08.9 must be installed first. In addition, several other requirements apply. See the GOS 21.04 manual for details:

The GOS menu will also display all missing requirements, if applicable.

It is recommended to perform a backup of the current system state before upgrading to GOS 21.04, either via the beaming or backup features of GOS, or via a VM snapshot on your hypervisor.

If you are a customer and have any questions, please contact Greenbone Networks Support.