Greenbone OS 20.08.9 released

For GOS 20.08 a new patch level is available:

GOS 20.08.9 unlocks the upgrade path from GOS 20.08 to GOS 21.04.0 for all supported GSM models. For a list of supported models, please also refer to

Please note that to be able to upgrade to GOS 21.04 a reboot, setting a feed import owner, and downloading a feed update are required first. The GOS menu will display all missing requirements, if applicable.

Note that it is also recommended to perform a backup of the current system state before upgrading to GOS 21.04, either via the beaming or backup features of GOS, or via a VM snapshot on your hypervisor. If you are a customer and have any questions, please contact Greenbone Networks Support.

For more information about GOS 21.04, see the corresponding announcement!

In total GOS 20.08.9 covers 26 improvements.