Greenbone OS 20.08.0 released

We are happy to announce the release of our newest operating system, Greenbone OS 20.08! As of today, all new GSM orders may be shipped with GOS 20.08, and upgrades from GOS 6.0 to GOS 20.08 are unlocked for all GSM models. For the upgrade path, a preparatory upgrade to GOS 6.0.12 and a reboot are required before the upgrade to GOS 20.08 is unlocked.

You may refer to the Roadmap & Lifecycle page for a list of supported models and an overview of the new features. For a list of changes of default behaviour see the GOS 20.08 manual:

Please note that all GSM 150V models will be renamed to GSM CENO with GOS 20.08, where they will be supported further.

Please also note that in GOS 20.08 scan configurations, compliance policies, report formats, and port lists are made available via the Greenbone Security Feed. To make use of this feature after upgrading to GOS 20.08, a web user has to be configured as the owner of these objects, and a feed update is also required. Please refer to the Roadmap & Lifecycle page for a full list of changes.

We recommend that you only proceed with the upgrade to GOS 20.08 after performing a backup of your current data, either via the backup functionality of GOS, or via a VM snapshot on your hypervisor.

If you are a customer and have any questions, please contact Greenbone Networks Support.


Additionally, we have prepared previews of the most notable GOS 20.08 features and changes for you here: