Greenbone GCE Feed Update Partial Missing


I downloaded and installed the GCE 5.0.12 VM and everything works fine. Then I started feed update from console and it took about one and half hour. But when I lokked at the secinfo database I saw there are missing information about secinfos. I also installed OpenVAS 9 and when I looked at the secinfo on OpenVAS I saw more secinfo entry. In GCE it was about 530.000 and in OpenVAS it was about 800.000. I searched in detail and I realized there hasn’t been any CVE after 2013 for example. I made two or three times feed update on GCE but it is still the same. Database don’t update itself.

Some for me. I think Greenbone OS 5.0.12 is quite buggy :wink:
GOS 4 has no problems.

Feed Update does not work. NVT will be loaded. CERT and SCAP won’t. The “Feed Update”-Background task is a infinite loop and the CPU load for gvmd is 100%.

I am using a Docker version of GVM 10 due to GOS not being usable.

Hi, please note that you should allocate at least 8GB ram and two CPU cores. Did you do that ?

Yes, I did that of course.
It is the same on VMware and Hyper-V.
Manually updating with “greenbone-scapdata-sync” and “greenbone-certdata-sync” via the Root-Login is throwing an error (using root and feed-user) or is only loading one timestamp file.

If you kill the server while stucking in “Feed Update” the database will be corrupted. After the reboot the SCAP and CERT data display switches from “0” entries and empty graphs to “No database”.

We have identified a potential issue in the Greenbone Community Feed. Improvements will be rolled out tomorrow between 10:00 and 13:00 UTC.

Please let us know if this remedies the situation for you.


Hi, could you please double-check if this error still exists?

Thanks! :slight_smile: