Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL - Missing Schedule Feature?


I recently installed GVM 22.4 TRIAL with an Enterprise test key. I am trying to get access to the Scheduled Scans feature to test it out.

That being said, whenever I look for it, I am not able to access it.


Anyone has an idea of what’s going on?

Thank you.

Hello tomqlopez, and welcome to the Greenbone community!

The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL does not support scheduled scans. The reason for this is that it is only a short-term demo and not a full-fledged vulnerability management solution.

The rest of our enterprise appliance lineup fully supports schedules. If you are interested in further testing and purchasing an appliance, please contact our sales team.


Thank you for your response Martin!

I was given a 14 day test key by Diana the Inside Sales Specialist. I thought it included the scheduled scans.

I appreciate the timely response.

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After digging more online,

This video posted a month ago, Setting up and Running your First Scan quickly with Greenbone Community Edition - YouTube, says that the Community Edition has a Scheduled Scanner?

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I see. The test key only provides access to our Enterprise Feed as well some limited support. All other features depend on the type of the installed appliance.

Yes, the Community Edition includes the schedules feature.

However, note that some other features documented in our manual will still be missing, for example the whole Greenbone Operating System is not included.

In addition, we do not provide official support for the Community Edition, though you may get help from other users via our community!