Greenbone Enterprise Appliances

Hello, tell me, is there a limit of 1000 lines when uploading scan results in the corporate version greenbone?

I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. Are you asking if it is possible to import a report XML into a container task that contains more then 1000 results? If that’s you question then the answer is yes all results from a report XML file are imported. Also there is no difference between the enterprise and the community version.

I’m interested in exporting scan results to csv via the web interface.

Exporting a report is not limited in the number of results. Neither in our enterprise nor in our community edition. You can always export all results contained in a report.


This issue has been discussed here. Export all scan results (from a single report or multiple) when then are more than 1000 results

To sum it up, is there a 1000 line csv export limit via the web interface or is it a problem with my gvm installation?

You need to export the report via GVM-Tools, it is pointless to load all results into the webinterface, to protect the stability of the browser there are some limits.

Export it via GVM-Tools there is NO limit on the software side.