Greenbone Community Edition 4.2.19

With GOS 4.2.19 we also published a new Greenbone Community Editon (GCE) because
the GCE suffers from the same scanner issue as fixed in 4.2.19 when operated with the
Greenbone Security Feed.

The new release is available here:

Free Trial - Greenbone Networks

If you are using an older GCE in conjunction with the Greenbone Comunity Feed (GCF) you
might not need to switch to the new version because it is far less affected. This is because
the GCF contains less vulnerability tests compared to the GSF.

If you are using and older GCE in conjunction with a trial key for the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF)
and you want to continue using the configured virtual machine for your trial, then you can work-around
the scanner issue by editing the scan task and set the “Maximum concurrently executed NVTs per host” to 1.