Greenbone Cloud Services gateway VM problem

i’m trying to get the VPN Gateway VM up and running to perform internal network scans from the Greenbone Cloud Services platform but i’m having issues.

Whenever i try to configure the web password for the appliance and/or the token i receive the following error upon applying settings.

Could not reset password. Please try again: ‘Could not start container, plase try again: #(2-256)’

The web interface appeares to be unresponsive (service down?) and the VM is not connecting to the GCS.

can anybody help me out? is it possible to debug the issue like by accessing a less restrictive environment? a shell? or anything?

thank you.

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please check the network connectivity. At this moment, the container daemon connects to the update server and wants to validate the container signature.



Dear Benjamin.hoener

I got the same issue, how to check the network connectivity? We paid a yearly subscription, may I have your email address to send more proof?

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You can open a support ticket at the customer portal here: Service Management



Thanks for the info, I’ve forwarded it to Support.


Dear DeeAnn

Thank you very much. Now the issue has been very serious to us since we have not used the GCS after paying the subscription for nearly 1 month.

Could anyone in GreenBone access our computer via ultraviewer to support us?


It looks like Support is currently in contact with you, so I’ll let them take it from here. Thanks!

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Moderator note- removed some posts with customer information and closed thread.

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