Greenbone application is not able to access from only from my laptop. rest of the user are able to access from there laptop. Please assist

I am not able to access Greenbone application ( web base) from my laptop. Rest of the user are able to access URL from their own laptop.

Please assist

Hi @rampage_15 and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

For anyone to be able to help, we’ll need more information. Which version are you using, what is the operating system, is this a local install on your machine and what error are you seeing in your browser? Thanks!

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GSA version 7.0.2, operating system CentOS version 7.Application hosted in one of the VM and i am accessing the application localhost:9392 from my laptop ( my laptop have static IP). I getting " this site cant be reach" this error. Only i am facing this problem other users are able to access the URL.


Hmm that sounds link a NAT issue, please note if you nat your connection only on forwarded packets, you have exactly that situation. Packets from the external interface are applied the nat rule, while local packets are skipped. I suggest you debug the packet flow with your kernel log and tcpdump to see what and how NAT is applied or ask a Linux network expert, it does not sound like a GVM issue at all.

I would suggest a “native” installation without VM and direct bound to a network interface without NAT , Hypervisor and virtual network.

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we are not using NAT to access the devices or URL. we have direct access. this problem suddenly occurred as 15 days back i am using this application very efficiently.

So how is your VM connected to the Ethernet ? We need more techical details …

What is “tcpdump” saying inside the VM and on the wire ?

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