Greenbone 22.04.2 scan stuck at 99%

new user here, I have installed community version 22.04.2 on virtualbox and run a scan of entire network, the scan process stopped at 99%. How to troubleshoot this?

I guess you mean the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL from Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL - Greenbone Networks? You need to look at the errors tab of the corresponding scan report and the logs (in the terminal) for further details.

Yes this is trial version.

On tab name Error Messages I have 512 of 512 errors with last:
NVT timed out after 1800 seconds.
HTTP Brute Force Logins With Default Credentials

What is strange that the screen is blinking all the time (something like refreshing page)

How to gather logs from terminal , when I login to console with admin account then immediatelly start setup?

Should be explained at 7 Managing the Greenbone Operating System — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.2 documentation