Greenbone 22.04.11 Community Edition Virtual Machine: hot to update feeds automatically

Dear Users,

I would like to configure a crontab job in order to start automatic feeds updates on a daily basis.
Surfing on the forum, I found several commands that I should add to the update crontab job script.
Unfortunately, they are not working or are not available.

In addition, I would like to install and configure a mail notification service.
I read that I should install and configure postfix. Is it true? Is it still the right way to enable notifications?

Could you please help me to complete these tasks?

Many thanks in advance,


I suppose you are using the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL 22.04.11. This is a trial version of our product and not a community product. The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL It’s not intended to be adjusted.

If you want to have something to play with please take a look at Greenbone Community Documentation


In addition, the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL is already configured to automatically download the feed on a daily basis.

You can configure the time of the automatic sync via the GOS administration menu Setup > Time.

You can enable/disable the automatic sync via the GOS administration menu Setup > Feed > Synchronisation.

As @bricks mentioned, we do not support any other configuration options for feed updates on the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL.