GOS 20.08: Introduction to the Business Process Map

With GOS 20.08, the Business Process Map (BPM) can be used to illustrate the impact of collected results on a business.

Use Case

  • Keeping track of vulnerable business processes and their impact on following processes, determining the risk for a company based on a host‘s location in the process chain

Background Information

Each process has assigned hosts and the coloration of the process corresponds to the highest severity of those hosts. If one process is vulnerable and might affect a following process, the
coloration of the next process is adjusted.
With this it is possible to see the vulnerability of processes and their impact
on the following processes at a glance, determining the risk to the company
based on the location of a host within the process chain.

Howto: Creating and Using a Business Process Map

How a BPM can be created and used is described here.