GOS 20.08: Introduction to Beaming

With GOS 20.08, the Beaming feature is introduced.

Beaming makes it possible to copy the current state of a GSM to another GSM. The data may be transferred directly and securely from one GSM to another, or it may be saved for a later transfer. The data includes all user data (e.g., tasks, reports, results) and – optionally – system settings, i.e., the GOS configuration.

Use Cases

  • Transferring the current state of a GSM to another GSM, e.g. from a Greenbone Community Edition to a commercial GSM, without losing any configurations or scan data.

Howto: Carrying out the Beaming

Note: Beaming is only allowed to a GSM of the same or of a higher model. Beaming to a GCE is not possible.

Beaming can be done in two ways:

  • Beaming directly from a GSM to another GSM
  • Beaming via a remote file system, e.g., your local workstation


How both ways work in detail is described here.