GOS 20.08: Changes to the Web Interface Page "Feed Status"

With GOS 20.08, there are some useful changes to the page Feed Status on the web interface.

Use Case

  • Keeping track of feed data objects‘ status and of running feed updates

Display of the Data Objects’ Status

The status of the objects that are distributed via the feed (scan configurations, compliance policies, port lists and report formats) is now included in the table. For more information about the objects see GOS 20.08: Introduction to Data Objects via Feed).

When clicking on Compliance Policies , Port Lists , Report Formats or Scan Configs , the respective page is opened. An automatic filter is applied showing only objects coming from the feed.

Display of Currently Performed Feed Update

If a feed update is currently being performed, the column Status now shows Update in progress… .

This status is displayed for all feeds, even if only one feed is currently being updated. This may be improved in the future.

Reload Timer

The page is automatically updated every few seconds. No manual refresh of the the page is necessary to see the current status.