GMP Service is down

after upgrading to centos7 and greenbone version 9, it is not possible to open openvas through the url.

Please get back to your packet provider of your uncoordinated integration.

Probably your manager daemon (openvasmd/gvmd) isn’t running.

Okay, I gave stop and start and the message that appears is

Mai 08 19:06:57 openvas systemd[1]: Failed to start OpenVAS Manager.
Mai 08 19:06:57 openvas systemd[1]: Unit gvmd.service entered failed state.
Mai 08 19:06:57 openvas systemd[1]: gvmd.service failed.

and I do not know how to solve. To think about removing the centos 7, put the kalli or the ubunto.

It was working perfectly, I was updating thinking it would not impact me.

Lukas, thank for replay.
I am not finding on the net a step by step to isntalar again openvas being that with version 8 for example. Would you have any links? I think about taking the Centos 7 and putting the Kalli

I would suggest you to try the GCE first, this is a community supported version of GVM. Most uncoordinated integrations does have some issues that need extra attention to get them running. The GCE is easy to setup and will give you the fastest results.