GMP Service is down , Help

Hello, guys, good afternoon. During this morning, I tried to update the version of my GSA, it was in version 8 and I could not perform scheduled scans, I was suggested to update its version to a more current one. I performed the update through the repository: [].

After its update, I could no longer access the GSA, the following error message occurs. GMP Service is Down.

I need some help. Please

I try restart the GMP.

Follow the message: Failed to restart gmp.service: Unit not found.

See Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for some notes about my comment.

This repo contained broken and outdated packages in the past. I don’t know if it is still maintained and if the issues are fixed. Personally I wont recommend to use this package repo.

Your issue means our management daemon isn’t running. Should be openvasmd in your case.

how can I update my version???

Please read the FAQ!

How did you restart the GMP?

GMP is server by GVMd you need to restart the Greenbone Vulnerability Management Daemon. How you do this depends on your init system OpenRC, SysV-Init or SystemD and is not in scope of this forum here.

I was able to fix this. Just had to restart my virtual box and it let me in without any problems. Now my error is vts list is empty

This is not a fix, instead it is a brutal way to restart a service :wink:

gotcha, Im a noob at this :slight_smile: Its giving me an error saying vts list is empty. How do I fix that?