"GMP Service is down" error on login

Unfortunately, I’m not versed enough in Linux for this to be obvious…

I’m running 6.0.3, recently installed. It was functioning and I performed several scans. The host server was rebooted and the VM was in an error state. When I tried logging in to the Greenbone OS I got kicked back to the login. I logged in again and got an error that the menu failed to load and to type “exit” to go back to the login. It went through this a couple times and I had to hard boot the machine. now I can log into the GreenboneOS and everything seems normal there, but when I try to log into the web portal I get “GMP Service is down.”

I found an old-ish answer to this error here:

It seems that GVMd is not running, check your GVMd and the sockets and permissions of your installation.

However, I’m not sure what that means. I’ve searched for that, but I’m coming up empty. Can I get a little help with this?

Please note that most suggestions for the GSE (the source install) doesn’t apply for the GCE Virtual Machine. As you’re running an outdated version of the GCE a fresh setup of the current 6.0.7 could make sense which includes various fixes:

Of course installing from scratch will fix it. I’m not opposed to that, but is there a way to retrieve my reports? I’d like not to lose those.

Side note, I rebooted the machine again and when I log in, it is taking me through the initial setup again stating that there is no web interface user set up. But, when I tried to create the user, it said that the user exists already.

After that, I was able to log in and retrieve my reports and such.