GMP Scanner | Internal Error Starting Scan


Just setup the new GSA in a Master/Slave setup.
Setup a GMP Scanner and can verify the scanner from the master, no issues there.

Created a task to use that scanner, and that creates just fine
Trying to run the task however, just give me a pop up with “internal error” and nothing else

Checked the GVMD and GSAD logs and nothing in there that would point to an issue with the scanner

Any advise on where to look next?


I ended up scrapping the installs and building the Master and Slave from docker images provided by

Still no luck with scans being stuck on the master at 1%

Logs on the Master:

gvm10_1  | md manage:WARNING:2019-10-21 14h07.34 UTC:413: sql_exec_internal: SQL: UPDATE reports SET scan_run_status = 13 WHERE id = 2;
gvm10_1  | md manage:WARNING:2019-10-21 14h07.34 UTC:413: sqlv: sql_exec_internal failed

Just looks like a sql failure… any advise?


Found the issue

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