GMP over TLS problems

I m trying to create opensource java client for remote connection to OpenVAS using GMP over TLS.

I cannot find any information about protocol it use to communicate.
For example when I try to curl to https://localhost:9390 with post message of <get_version/> I am unable to perform operation.

When I open SocketStream to https://localhost:9390 with message of <get_version/> I get response, however I have to build client parsing messages on my own - and it is difficult for me to create a client which will be able to handle properly response such as get_reports which is large XML file to process (sent back to client in multiple TCP frames)

When I use avaliable WebSocket clients i got errors (https is not acceptable protocol and wss is not responding on 9390 port)

could anyone please explain me what is listening on 9390 or send me a link with informations?

Please note that the architecture changed a lot, do you plan to speak to the OpenVAS-Scanner then you need to speak OSP, if you plan to speak to the GVM Manager you need to speak GMP.

All APIs are documented here:

Most important you have to mention which version of our components you are using, which installation method did you use and how you did start the daemon(s) including command line parameters.

There is some misunderstanding at your side by using GMP over TLS. If you are using HTTPS you are actually using HTTP over TLS. This means TLS is used to create an encrypted TCP connection between a client and a server. Over this connection a protocol is spoken. In our case GMP. Therefore GMP is not a HTTP based protocol. You can’t use any sort of web protocol for GMP.