Getting reports summary with GMP v8.0

As reports where excluded from GET_TASKS response.
What is the prefered way of getting a full list of reports by task?

GET_REPORTS response contains too much data to parse it quickly enough for a quick overview.

You can apply a filter like


to get_reports to get all reports for a task.

Even with the filter applied GET_REPORTS replies with a lot of data - full details.
With GMP v7.0 we used GET_TASKS request to get a quick summary of reports.
As reports were removed we’re now looking for an alternative way.

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When I apply on the command line something like this:

--xml "<get_reports report_filter='task_id=95d2e9f8-dc96-424b-844f-e138d5e68ce2' details='0'/>"

then I get what you seem to desire?

Yes. It’s exactly what I was looking for!
This attribute does not seem to be described in the technical documentation for GMP 8.0.

Thank you very much though!

Unfortunately It’s not an equal replacement. Example below.

GMP 7.0

<get_tasks task_id="cd7f41a4-5972-451b-a64a-58080292d687" details="1"/>

Task with 72 reports - XML has 33833 characters.

GMP 8.0

<get_reports report_filter="task_id=5387ead3-270a-46c9-858e-d0c858eb4a4d" details="0"/>

Task with 38 reports - XML has 131974 characters!

In conclusion.
To get task’s reports summary with GMP 8.0 you’d need to parse ~7 times as many characters as with GMP 7.0.

Do you think this GMP 8.0 approach is as good as it can get? Or is there an additional way to minimize retrieved data even further?

@Jan Is there any way to minimize to output even further? This query is too slow for us.