Get_reports pre-filtering

Expected behavior

Generating a report of all findings (without filters).

Current behavior

Pre-filtered results (no high, medium or low findings) and a maxium of 1000 entries. (same issue in html or csv reports)

Screenshot from html Report:

Steps to reproduce

I reproduced this issue with gvm-cli and omp. I used the following commands (HTML report):

gvm-cli --config=auth tls --hostname=localhost --xml ‘<get_reports report_id=“c3bba6f4-0bca-435b-a87d-3f7cd23486dc” format_id=“6c248850-1f62-11e1-b082-406186ea4fc5”/>’

omp -u [USERNAME]-w [PASSWORD] -X '<get_reports report_id=“c3bba6f4-0bca-435b-a87d-3f7cd23486dc” format_id=“6c248850-1f62-11e1-b082-406186ea4fc5”

GVM versions

gsa: (gsad --version): 7.0.3

openvas-scanner: (openvassd --version): 5.1.3

gvm-tools: (gvm-cli --version): 2.0.0b1


Operating system: Recent Kali Rolling 2019-02-14

Installation method / source: source installation ( from github)

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