Get_reports fails to report full data, internal error in the log

Hello !

Under gvm-11, with gvm-cli I use the following command to retrieve a task report in CSV format:

gvm-cli --log INFO --timeout -1 --gmp-username admin --gmp-password pwd socket --socketpath /opt/gvm/var/run/gvmd.sock -X ‘<get_reports report_id=“534852c3-9e96-4413-9f9d-a2fe19410b55” format_id=“c1645568-627a-11e3-a660-406186ea4fc5” filter=“apply_overrides=1 overrides=1 levels=hm” ignore_pagination=“1” details=“1”/>’ > report.xml

I would expect to get all the results in report.xml file. However the report.xml file only contains the following:

<get_reports_response status=“200” status_text=“OK”>admin2020-02-26T17:11:39Z<creation_time>2020-02-26T17:11:39Z</creation_time><modification_time></modification_time>0<in_use>0</in_use>Bangalore All Networks<report_format id=“c1645568-627a-11e3-a660-406186ea4fc5”>CSV Results</report_format>apply_overrides=0 min_qod=70 first=1 rows=10 sort=nameapply_overrides=0min_qod=70first=1rows=10sort=namenameascending<report_count>111</report_count></get_reports_response>

While the logfile says:

md manage:WARNING:2020-03-02 11h41.31 UTC:9551: manage_send_report: send error
md gmp: INFO:2020-03-02 11h41.31 UTC:9551: Failed to parse client XML: Internal Error.
md main:WARNING:2020-03-02 11h41.31 UTC:9551: write_to_client_unix: failed to write to client: Broken pipe

I must note that the task is still running (99%). However it shouldn’t prevent the actual data from being reported.

Am I doing something wrong here ?