Generate or Import SSL Certificates on GCE?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how to generate or import pre-existing SSL certificates for the web interface.

The user guide states that the GSM allows you to generate certificates within the setup, however it appears that option is not available within the Greenbone Commuity Edition.

Is there another way to do this in GCE? I tried searching Google and YouTube, but the only thing I was able to muster up was old instructions from several years prior which instructed you to use OpenSSL as root… Is this the correct method?

Any documentation, resources or suggestions would be appreciated!


Hello nte, and welcome to the Greenbone Community!

The feature to generate your own HTTPS certificates and certificate signing requests is limited to our professional Greenbone Security Manager product line. The Greenbone Community Edition is only available with a pre-packaged certificate, and importing another certificate is not supported.