GCE with Greenbone Community Feed: Change of Signature Key December 1st 2018

The content of the Greenbone Feeds are digitally signed. While the commercial
Greenbone Security Feed already switched to a new modern signing key earlier this year,
this change is now also scheduled for the Greenbone Community Feed which is configured
for the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE).

On December 1st, 2018 the content of the Greenbone Community Feed will
be signed with a new key. This key is pre-installed on GCE since version 4.2.6.

If you are using a GCE version prior to 4.2.6, feed updates from December 1st, 2018 on
will not be accepted anymore in your setup. Please install a new GCE version which
is available here:

There is nothing for you to do if you are using a commercial Greenbone product
or at least version 4.2.6 of the GCE .

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