GCE virtual machine 6.0.3 doesn't use all memory assigned by hypervisor


I am testing the latest version of GCE - 6.0.3. I installed it in ESXI 5.5 and virtualbox 6.0.12.
In both cases I allocated 6GB RAM, but the GCE doesn’t see it and don’t use. In the ESXI version I can see only 3GB in shell, in VirtualBox - 3.5GB.

When I try to scan some subnets, a lot of log errors about not enough memory and after there is no any update in the WEB interface for scan status, like it is stuck on 4%, at the same time from the full.log file in the shell I see that the scan is running. But of cause this problem is just a consequence of the memory allocation problem.

So, the question, is this some known limitation of GCE? But strange because in the requirements it is written that it should have minimum 4Gb of RAM.

Before posting please read About the Greenbone Community Edition (GCE) VM.

That is a limitation on the Community Edition, if you need more power you need to buy a Greenbone (Virtual) Appliance, or build your own source edition with no support. Please keep in Mind the GCE is a free offering for Small Office and Home Environments.

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is it mentioned somewhere? I didn’t find it in GCE vs GSE versions comparison, also, it is very strange that there is a requirement for GCE
Setup the GCE

Version: 6.0.3

Download: https://dl.greenbone.net/download/VM/gsm-ce-6.0.3.iso (526 MB)

sha256sum: 514b9e26219a910aa5de73a455f91b75c8ff9dd8ac1139e715101ce185672f33

Compatibility: VirtualBox, ESXi

Minimum requirements: 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB RAM

Why they mention as a requirement of minimum 4 GB RAM for GCE, if it supports maximum 3GB RAM

Check your setup, maybe your VGA Adapter is introducing a memory hole that limit your RAM. The GCE does support 4GB of linear memory :wink:

The download Link explains your other question:


Sorry, Lukas, maybe I have some problem with my eyes, but I don’t see any performance/memory related explanation there https://www.greenbone.net/en/community-edition/

This does not correlate with SOHO / Small Business :wink:

If you are unaware with PC Hardware architecture i suggest you read this Wikipedia article.

again, not clear for me, what’s wrong with subnets and SOHO / Small Business? Is there some limitation to scan by subnets? Again, I don’t see anything about it on your link about community version.

Do you mean VGA adapter of the host machine or of the VM created from the template? But in first case it is strange that it affects only GCE.

fixed it by changing grub option mem to 6G and running update-grub.
Now it shows 5G, but at least it is more than a minimum requirement of 4G for GCE.

The default scenario with 4G should now be improved for the GCE 6.0.7, see https://community.greenbone.net/t/greenbone-community-edition-6-0-7-released/.

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Thanks Martin,

I will check it.