GCE -security feed- purchase?

I wanted to get the security feed for GCE, as I thought this was a bit more professional for my (small)environment. Our supplier talked about the hardware (GSM one?) only. Am I misunderstanding how GCE works? There is an option on GCE to "upload a GSF subscription key). how do I get it?


you can use the contact form below to get in touch with the Greenbone sales team for questions around the commercial offers like the GSMs / Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) or to get a GSF evaulation key for the GCE.


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Does anyone know if it is possible to subscribe to or buy a license for the Greenbone Security Feed (GSF) for use with OpenVAS? I have emailed twice to the Greenbone sales team but did not get any response back.

In general you can buy a subscription to the GSF feed only in conjunction with a virtual or physical appliance. See our product list for the different GSM appliances available


This question was also already answered in GSF with OpenVAS? Or non-virtual enterprise edition? - Feed Services (GCF & GSF) - Greenbone Community Forum and GSF cost and arrangement - Feed Services (GCF & GSF) - Greenbone Community Forum where the following answer was given:

There is no way to buy a GSF for a homemade GVM setup.
It can be purchased only in combination with a Greenbone-approved/maintained environment,
namely Greenbone OS.

Thanks for the response. Since the community feed does not catch all known vulnerabilities, it’s not worth using. Will move on…