GCE - GMP service is down

Hi Guys,
I know this is only for Virtual appliance. But I dont see any other topics related to my questions. I just installed GCE on Hyper-V to try out. it has been working fine without problem. Then i just started having problem with login, “GMP service is down” , Just Google but not found related to GCE edition. I dont have access to shell. Where can I start checking?

Same here. Using Version: 6.0.10 on Oracle VM Virtualbox. Feed was updated and system status is “No system operation is running currently”


I installed Kali linux and install GVM, couldn’t wait for answer (no so active forum, i guess). It seems to be working OK, haven’t had problem like I got with GCE.
But be careful to save the admin password autogenerated after running gvm-setup. if you missed it, you will be in trouble. there were instruction to reset, it didn’t work for me. Ended up reinstalling. Then create/clone the another user with password you like.

I’m trying to use a VM - I was asked to create a web admin account and that part was fine. Furthermore, I did not have any errors at all, but it does not allow me to login - I get “GMP Service is down”