GCE first login tells: "Unknown error"

After havin set up latest GCE I can not log in with given “Admin” and password “start123”. Just tells: “Unknown error”. Tried with different Usernames/Passwords setting GCE up repeatedly. But without success: same error over and over again. Tried with downloading the iso again. Checked it. Seemed all ok. But again trying to login with User/Password as defined gave “Unknown error”.
Any idea what is going on?

I guess you mean you are getting an unknown error displayed when you try to login into GSA right? In that case could you open up the browser console and check the error message or even the network response from the login request at the network tab?

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Difficult. After rebooting the VM I cant login with given Username: admin and password: start123.
“POST https://gsm.bfs.de/gmp 401 (Unauthorized)”. Clearing all cokies, cached pages and other related stuff does not help. Same.
Setting the whole thing up again, starting all over, including download of a new install iso image leads to exactly the same result: right after setup the username and password is accepted, but no login because of “unknown error”. Waiting some time or rebooting, then trying again leads to: “Anmeldung fehlgeschlagen. Ungültiger Benutzername oder ungültiges Passwort.”

It does not depend on browser: Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Internet explorer all have the very same problem. A root password is not set (could be nice for debugging things like these).

this means your passed user and password does not match to an account in the db. i would guess that something did go wrong when creating the admin user.

this means gvmd did return something unexpected or more likely even didn’t return a response at all. Just a wild guess was the feed sync not finished yet?

Hmmm. Would be bad, if the feed sync would be necessary to log in successfully. Because this will not succeed: I have to configure some proxy before it could access the server. Since rsync is used, this server has to accept rsync as an allowed protocol (RSYNC_PROXY=<host>:<port> would be your friend). If I cant even set this GCE would not be useful at all – not even for testing. Just because NVTs wheren’t accessible at no time.

No that’s not what i meant. And as I wrote it was only a wild guess that a feed sync could be running. I’ve seen some situations in the past where the gvmd process was on high load and wasn’t able to create responses.

In such cases it reports something like “gvmd not available” or “gvmd not responding” – even on login.