GCE 6.0 - Web interface not working

I have setup a virtual box as per the Greenbone instructions. I’m not sure if I interrupted the initial Feed Sync, as I wasn’t sure if VM was connecting to the internet.

Since restating the machine i’ve used the shell command journalctl -f (found from someone elses post) and it shows activity that ends with ‘Feed update finished’ sesson clsoed for user root.

So I assume its worked. Now I go to a web browser running on my mac OSX and I type in the web interface address and I get nothing. I try a ping from terminal to the web interface address and it shows no connection?

Am I doing something wrong in my setup?

This is a VirtualBox configuration / setup topic which is out of the scope of this community portal and completely unrelated to the GCE VM and so i’m closing this thread for now.

Please have a look at the VirtualBox manual about networking in https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch06.html on how to make services of a VM available to the host system or get in touch with the VirtualBox community at https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Community to get help on this topic.