GCE 6.0.7 only downloading partial SecInfo

After I was able to clear up my firewall issues to allow connections to feed.community.greenbone.net on port 873 it finally was able to perform an update (no subscription so using community feed). When it finished there are only 34162 items in All SecInfo. I have the same version of GCE VM on a network in a different building and it has over 900k items in All SecInfo and updates without error.

I suspect that this is a network/firewall issue of some form but I am able to ncat feed.community.greenbone.net 873 without any issues.
I also setup a rule for port 24 just in case. Using a Watchguard Firebox.
About screen indicates “No feed present”

I have tried running additional feed updates but journalctl -f indicates the following error: