GCE 6.0.10 prompt "GMP service is down"

Dear administrators and teachers!
I have a question to ask. After gce6.0.10 has completed the"greenbone-NVT-sync" upgrade, restart the VM, open the web page of the scanner on the browser, enter the account number and password, and prompt “GMP service is down”.The current log is as follows, please help, thank you very much!gce6

Might be a duplicate of GCE - GMP service is down

There can be several causes for the “GMP service is down” prompt. If the reason is due to a “GVM Credential Encryption” error as shown above, there is no easy solution sadly.

gdczw_abc, we recommend a reinstall of the Greenbone Community Edition in this case.

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Thank you for your guidance. I have another question to ask. Except for “greenbone-nvt-sync”, other historical commands (for example:greenbone-scapdata-sync, greenbone-certdata-sync) can no longer be executed. I guess after the upgrade of NVT, there is a lack of SCAP and CERT updates, which leads to GCE exception.Therefore, how to update the SCAP and CERT of GCE 6.0.10 ,please help, thank you very much!

Please note that you never should run such commands like greenbone-nvt-sync on the command line of the GCE. Instead please use the feed update menu instead:



If you run this as root, you can re-install the complete system … command line commands might brick your installation pretty fast.

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Dear administrators and teachers,I see ,thank you very much!

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