Full scan not showing Certificates

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Hello, I migrated from a bare metal installation of Version 20.08.1~git-3cdd218c2-gsa-20.08


Version 22.4.0

When comparing the scans, i noticed the TLS certificates of the scanned host are not showing up. Additionally there are a few vulnerabilites of the scanned host that are not showing up. Namely i am missing ss/tls deprecated v1.0 and 1.1 vulnerabilities as being show. Both scanners are still up and running so i can compare. but looking at it, they both appear to have the same scan profile (full and fast). Both scanners identified the open ports. Its just bizzare to me that im getting less results with the newer version. both versions have their feed status as “current”. Not sure why im not seeing the TLS certificates and associated TLS/SSL vulns on the newer version scanner.

Any ideas?


Edit: The new scanner filter is: No TLS Certificates available

(Applied filter: apply_overrides=0 min_qod=70 first=1 sort-reverse=severity rows=10)

The old scanner Filter is:
(Applied filter: apply_overrides=0 min_qod=70 first=1 sort-reverse=severity rows=10)

Hello and welcome to this community forums,

this is unrelated to any vulnerability tests / NASL script (the category which got chosen initially) but a well known issue / bug in the 22.04 version of the scanner against SSL/TLS services. This got fixed by the PR below and requires a new community release.


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