Fresh openvas docker container - can't create a scan

I just finished pulling down and running all of the openvas stuff using docker-compose as mentioned here:

I’m logged into the UI and ready to go. However, I’m now getting the following error:

Failed to find config ‘daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea’

The troubleshooting section of the docker page doesn’t show anything about this error. Also, some of the other instructions on there don’t work. For example, the page says that this should work:

docker-compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition \
    restart ospd-openvas

but it doesn’t:

# docker-compose -f $DOWNLOAD_DIR/docker-compose.yml -p greenbone-community-edition \
    restart ospd-openvas
ERROR: No containers to restart

the following container are running:

# docker container ls
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                                                                                   COMMAND                  CREATED          STATUS          PORTS                                       NAMES
c4e01b3275a1   greenbone/ospd-openvas:stable                                                           "/usr/local/bin/entr…"   39 minutes ago   Up 39 minutes                                               root_ospd-openvas_1
4dc2acf2266c   greenbone/gsa:stable                                                                    "/usr/local/bin/entr…"   42 minutes ago   Up 42 minutes>80/tcp, :::9392->80/tcp       root_gsa_1
d13240f044d3   greenbone/gvmd:stable                                                                   "/usr/local/bin/entr…"   42 minutes ago   Up 42 minutes                                               root_gvmd_1
fe6acadad91a   greenbone/notus-scanner:stable                                                          "/usr/local/bin/entr…"   45 minutes ago   Up 45 minutes                                               root_notus-scanner_1
241ce7d06fe6   greenbone/mqtt-broker                                                                   "/bin/sh -c 'mosquit…"   45 minutes ago   Up 45 minutes>1883/tcp, :::1883->1883/tcp   root_mqtt-broker_1
fe5a15cf8f4d   greenbone/pg-gvm:stable                                                                 "/usr/local/bin/entr…"   45 minutes ago   Up 45 minutes                                               root_pg-gvm_1
640a3a091ad6   greenbone/redis-server                                                                  "/bin/sh -c 'rm -f /…"   45 minutes ago   Up 45 minutes                                               root_redis-server_1

Not sure what’s going on.

EDIT: Just realized my docker-compose that installed was v1 and therefore I couldn’t monitor the logs. We can delete this post.