Fresh Kali and gvm install, getting fatal error on gvm-start

gvm-start 2 ⨯

awk: fatal: cannot open file `/etc/default/greenbone-security-assistant’ for reading (No such file or directory)

Any ideas?

Please note that Greenbone isn’t involved in the packaging on Kali and also doesn’t provide / maintain or develop this gvm-start script.

As this is either an issue in the gvm-start script itself or in the Kali packages please create a new issue for the Kali package maintainers at



I have the same problem

This is still valid:

Greenbone really can’t do anything about this, gvm-setup is not provided by Greenbone and is out of our control. Please get back to the Kali package maintainers at:

Create a empty file with name “greenbone-security-assistant” in /etc/default/

According to this seems to be fixed now in the Kali packages:

gvm-start script is now fixed in gvm version