Frequency of updating the NVT?

How often the database of vulnerability test is updated?

The daily updated feed services cover latest vulnerability tests, security information and related data.

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so the NVTs is updated on daily basics by openvas?

We are publishing new and updated NVTs to the feeds on a daily basis. Of course you need to sync the feed to get the updates.


So it’s a task that needed to be done manually, but in case I forgot there is no notification that’s going to remind me to do so , I’ll just be able to do the scan and get the results based on my database that’s it’s not update it. Is that right?

The result of a scan are created based an the NVTs on your local machine. You are responsible for updating them.


So until now how many NVT exists in OpenVAS database and how many vulnerabilities does that cover?

You have already ask that here OpenVAS NVT plugins

As my co-worker already mentioned this question can’t be answered.

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