Freeze at "queued" for a host-scan

Hello all,

I just install the GSM via virtualbox to learn about using vulnerability scanners. I tried to scan one of my virtual machine on the network to test the openvas scanner. It has been stucked at queued since forever. I allocated 5 GB of RAM to it by the way. Any help to fix this please?


I restarted the VM which then made it possible to start the task. but now its freezed @88% since about 30 minutes…)

@letmeusethis add more memory and cpu and try again…

you need also look at logs. scan can take lot of time due to number of nasl scripts.


How can I find out how much I need?

In general the 5GB should be enough for tiny networks. But as Eero stated, would be helpful to see the logs in this case!

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@letmeusethis maybe its wise to use 8G

you need check logs during the scan

tail -f /var/log/gvm/* probably works. start it before scan…


Could you also state which version of the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL you are using?

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Greenbone OS 22.04.0

how to login to the greenbone os without starting the greenbone-setup-screen?
somehow it actually did the scan successfully now… but it took very long and was staying on 88% for many hours

Yes that’s normal. The duration of a scan really depends on you targets and the scan settings. Hosts may come and go. Using UDP requires to wait for timeout, etc. pp.

@letmeusethis It just takes long time depending on your (network, cpu, and other variables). it’s not a bug. Just add more (cpu, ram, network, …)