Free Trial 20.08.8 issue

We installed your free trial on VMware.
The daily feed updates are done.
But for all the scan we made, only the TCP timestamps is found.
Any idea?

Thank you!

Hello Dioma, welcome to the Greenbone Community!

Which scan config did you use for the scan?

And have you configured an authenticated scan so that the GSM can log in to the target system(s)?

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Thank you Martin!
I configured one authenticated scan, but I don’t find how to link the “password only” credential to a target!

I used the Full and Fast scan config!

Ok, I assume the authenticated scan was not configured correctly then. For an unauthenticated scan of an otherwise up-to-date and reasonably secure target, the only result being “TCP timestamps” can be expected behaviour.

I recommend to create the credential for a target directly from the target dialog - this way only compatible credentials are shown, and will be linked automatically when saving:

For starters, it may be the easiest to configure a SSH or SMB “Username + Password” credential.

Please note that the user must exist, and be allowed to log in via SSH or SMB on the target system!


Thanks! I had the same question. This was really useful.

Thank you Martin!
I note that there is no way to use the “password only” credential, which is my case!