Filter issues in Reports

I am having some issue with filters in the “Reports” view. The default filter is supposed to sort by name, but the results are actually sorted by creation date.
I would now like to apply a filter to sort by severity (sort-reverse=severity) but this does not have any affect. I am using the “Filter” input box in the GUI as well as the “Filters” configurations for it with no success.
This seems to be working in other views like e.g. “Results” with no issues, but not in the “Reports” view.

I know I can use the sort function of the GUI, which actually works, but this does not allow me to change the default behavior or change filters on the fly.

Is there any change to get that working?

I am running GVM-10 latest stable version from sources on Debian 10.1 (Debian 4.19.67-2+deb10u1 (2019-09-20) x86_64 GNU/Linux)

gsa 8.0.1
gvm 8.0.1
openvas 6.0.1
gvm-libs 10.0.1

We detached the GUI sorting from the filters for the results view. We hope clicking on the column header is a more intuitive way to sort.
The sort filters are still used to determine the sorting in appropriate report formats.
This mean unfortunately, that the sorting terms in the custom filter for the report view have no effect anymore.
We are working to re-establish this functionality in future releases.

To be precise the filter is still applied for filtering the results of the report but the sorting is ignored.

Clicking on the column header for sorting is not a new way but has been there for some time in previous releases already. Unfortunately I now need to click and wait two times each time in order to have it sorted by Severity starting with the highest one which has been the default order in previous releases.

Is there any switch I have not identified yet which provides the option to select a default sort order other that the build in?

Do you have any idea by when the filter sort functionality in report results will be re-establish?