Feed Update - Errno 32: Scans Empty


GSM 20.08 on Kali 2022.2, scans complete with no information. Relevant snippet from ospd-openvas.log:

OSPD[696] 2022-06-20 12:55:55,641: ERROR: (ospd.server) Error sending data to the client. [Errno
32] Broken pipe

Relevant snippet from gvmd.log:

md manage: INFO:2022-06-20 16h55.33 UTC:23781: OSP service has different VT status (version 202206201002) from database (version 0, 0 VTs). Starting update …
md manage: INFO:2022-06-20 16h55.34 UTC:23777: update_scap: Updating data from feed
md manage: INFO:2022-06-20 16h55.34 UTC:23777: Updating CPEs

GSA Feed status hung on updating feeds.

I’ve researched and tried some suggestions I’ve come across (and in the process learned much about GSA) but I am at a loss. I’m sure the issue is with the OSP database as shown above since I presume the versions should match (and it seems to me that the OSP database is empty). Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Greg Schaffer

@gschaffer enought memory on machine?


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That’s a good question. I couldn’t find a list of requirements so started small (2GB). I bumped to 3GB, will see if that helps.

@gschaffer try 8G. it will not work correctly on low ram…


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Thanks, I will try that. Is there documentation for minimum requirements by any chance, for future reference? In any case, I appreciate your help; I should have thought about machine resources first!

@gschaffer well. that is only based on my experience.

On low memory machine the feed will not sync correctly.


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I’ve seen it mentioned by one of the developers last year in a forum (the name was ‘bricks’) that 4GB is the minimum. More cores speed it up but that minimum of 4GB will make sure it’s at least stable.

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Yes exactly, we recommend a minimum 4 GB of RAM. With less RAM it may work when scanning small networks or single machines but the performance will often not be sufficient.


@bricks the documentation is missing hardware requirements?


I’m not sure if it’s working properly even under 4GB. It’s still returning no vulns. Does anyone know of a “test target” with known vulns to compare? It could just be that all the targets I’ve scanned have no significant vulns.

@gschaffer just wait first that feed are fully synced.

memory is cheap… so I prefer 8G or 16G… or even 32G


Got it. Memory not so cheap when using a hosted box though :slight_smile: I appreciate your help; I’m at 8 and working fine now.

@gschaffer memory is cheap. try nessus pro license next time…


There’s a long list of reasons why that is not a realistic option in this case, but I appreciate the input.

@gschaffer in short: gvm is free license. nessus costs money.

so, I dont see issue.


There are hardware requriements listed here

  • Minimum requirements: 2 CPUs, 5 GB RAM
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@y0urself @DeeAnn How about adding it to installation documentation at: https://greenbone.github.io ?


@Eero We’ll have a look.