Feed release skips a day or long delayed

Hi there,
I usually download the Community feed everyday at about 12.00 or 13.00 CET.
The release of the new feed has been always timely but over the last week I have noticed that some days have been skipped, or released with a large delay.
For example the feed dated Match 31st was not released on that date, at least not before the evening.
I only found it on Monday.

I am just wondering if there is any issue with the feed release or it this is related to a specific area (I am in EU, Scandinavia).
Is Greenbone going through some major change about the feed release?

Thank you for your work.


Hey Niko,
on that day there was some additional and important stuff that we wanted to add to the feed before weekend. Therefore we delayed the release a bit.
The mentioned window (12.00 - 13.00 CET) is usually the time where the Feedservers get updated.
Imho it is a good idea not to fetch during that time.

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Today the feed deployment is also delayed because of changes in the CI/CD pipeline.

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Thank you _OR and bricks for the info.
I will delay my daily update routine to 13.30 from now on.
Far from wanting to complain, I have noticed that a remarkable number of last_modification tags were modified, and that was the only change in most of the files. The reason behind this really puzzles me. :slight_smile:
There must be some detail in the inner workings of the scanner that I cannot grasp I guess.

Hi there,

I have noticed that lately the Feed (Community and Security) has been released very inconsistently, leaving gaps of several days.
Was it a one time issue or do you know if there might be more gaps in the coming days/weeks?

I am referring to the fact that the feed was not released on the 6th, 7th of June (and of course the 8th which was a holiday in Germany). SO, a new feed was accessible only on Friday June 9th in the evening.
I understand honoring the holidays, but I wonder what happened the other days.

Also, when the daily feed is issued, its release is often delayed way past 13.30 CET as it was mentioned in the previous post.

Can you help share some info please?
@_OR @bricks



we are in the process of changing the feed deployment internals to get consistent updates every day.

Currently the whole publishing may be delayed when something breaks. Because we rely on external services (like NIST), which are sometimes very flaky, the feed was delayed several times last week. In future flaky services will only cause delays for the feed content containing this specific data and not the whole feed anymore. For example only scap-data when the NIST server for CVE data is down.

We expect to apply the necessary changes for the feed deployment and finish the process this week.

But please keep also in mind in general there is no (service) guarantee for the community feed at all. You need to expect delays or hickups.

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Thank you for the information @bricks

Of course, it’s not right to expect anything from something that free like the Community Feed, for which I am grateful, but it certainly feels good to know what is going on and what one can expect, so that it’s also possible to plan ahead.

Thank you very much for sharing this information and for your great work and support!


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