Feature Request - ability to edit scan configs that are assigned to scans

While I understand why you wouldn’t want to be able to edit a scan config that is in assigned with a task that is scheduled to use it. It is really annoying to trying to make a change to a scan config if it is assigned to many tasks at the moment. The best work-around I have found is to duplicate a scan config, make the changes, then change all the scheduled scans to use the new configuration.

However, It would be great if you could just click edit, get a warning that this configuration is being used by xxxx, and then get an option to pause those scans and make changes, or cancel.

That ruins your revision safe vulnerability management :wink: So this would not work in professional environments. Normally you don´t need to edit a scan-config. Full & Fast reflects the best practices and on some very rare cases you need to change them.

While we don’t need to make changes often, sometimes we need to tune scans based on feedback from other departments. It would seem that if a task has “alterable task” set to “yes” then any scan configs being used by it shouldn’t be locked. I can see your point on it being locked in the case that the task is not alterable, though.

If the task is alterable you can change the scan config :wink: That can be scripted … so no need to change the original scan config.