Failed to start Open Vulnerability Assessment system scanner Daemon

So I’ve been through every topic on the boards and done every google search imaginable all to no avail.

After updating Kali Linux to the latest release the scanner will not start. The error message is just “timeout” No good debugging info or anything that i can find that might help me. I’ve uninstalled, purged, rebooted, reinstalled countless times always with no affect.

Can anyone offer any direction that I can look at to help me find the answer?

thank you!

Did you found


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Thanks for the reply. Yes I did see that post and went through the suggestions there. I am wondering if i should do a clean install of redis and configure it. then install openvas rather than letting openvas do all install and then changing the config where necessary. I’ll post how that works out for me.

Looks like that fixed the issue for me … just a complete uninstall and reinstall. The steps I took were:

  • apt-get purge openvas
  • apt-get purge redis
  • apt clean
  • apt-get update
  • apt-get upgrade
  • apt autoremove
  • cd /var/lib
  • mv redis redis-old
  • apt-get install openvas
  • openvas-setup
  • openvas-check-setup
  • sed -e ‘s/’ greenbone-security-assistant.service openvas-manager.service openvas-scanner.service -i
  • cd /lib/systemd/system
  • vim greenbone-security-assistant.service
  • Add to the ExecStart line --allow-header-host “” (Note* The listen should be
  • ststemctl daemon-reload
  • openvas-stop
  • openvas-start
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Olá pessoal.

I solved this problem and I sharing on my blog: