"failed to load external entity"

Hey there,
I’m not sure if i’m posting in the correct topic but i’m desperate. Recently i have installed OpenVAS on Ubuntu 18.04, and tried to use the OMP instead of the graphical interface, so i can integrate with parallels solutions. I can easily create a new target , with the following command:

omp --host= --port=9390 --username=XXX --password=XXX -v --pretty-print --xml “<create_target>My New Scan192.168.254.0/24</create_target>”

However, when im trying to add a response to the respective ID, i get the error “failed to load external entity”

I have already spent some time trying to search it on the internet but i’m getting no usefull results… I also change the syntax of the create_target_response to id= , id “XXX”, id=“XXX”, etc and nothing worked… It would be really great if someone could help me, and sorry for my ignorance! Cheers!

Please note OMP is deprecated as well OpenVAS 8 and 9. Both are end of support and life.

You should use GMP and GVM 10.

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