Failed to find port list

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when posting you should always give a descriptive title, fill in the data required in the template and not just only posting a screenshot. I doubt you are using a TRIAL appliance. If you are using a source build this link will help Troubleshooting - Greenbone Community Documentation If you are using Kali you need to adjust the listed commands because Kali is using a _gvm user instead of gvm.


yes you’re right I am new to greenbone so I don’t know much so I just took a screenshot and opened a new form I would be glad if you check it you
my installation is correct there is no problem but when I want to enter the ıp adress and check it, it gives such a problem. ı don’t know there may be a problem with openvar

this is homework I need help I have been trying for about 2 weeks but I didn’t get any result if you want I can share inydsk please help me or show me a vay I can get help

Not knowing what TS steps you’ve tried, however have a look at Administration → Feed Status (or Configuration → Port Lists) first. First initial sync of all feeds takes quite while (== a very long time depending on your system). The logs may also give you great hints to what is happening. If the feedowner isn’t correctly configured this will never finish, and port lists, reports, scan configs… won’t ever become available. If I’m too fast (yeah, hard to imagine) after installation I get the same error until feed status is no longer showing “updating” (or whatever the exact message is)

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And please give some feedback about your installation methods.

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I installed it by looking on the internet, I don’t remember exactly sir

Sorry but if you choose some random install guide that you don’t even remember how can you expect somebody else is able to fix your issues having with following this guide?

Please pick some Linux distribution to install our software from their packages or if you are experienced with building software from source follow our Building 22.4 from Source - Greenbone Community Documentation. Alternatively if you are familiar with Docker use Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation.