Failed to find config 'daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea'

I have just finished setup gvm on kali linux purple and able to login to the UI. I tried to follow the doc by adding a target using the IP, whenever I run scan I get


Failed to find config ‘daba56c8-73ec-11df-a475-002264764cea’

I have issued all syncs as follows

sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type nvt
sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type scap
sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type cert


could you please use the search with this term to find appropriate help. There are many messages about this topic. Most of the time you just need to patient until the data from the feed has been loaded finally. This can take a long time up to hours.


Thanks bricks I searched but did not find the appropriate answer. I reran this morning at 7AM
Preformatted textsudo greenbone-feed-sync --type nvt
it finished 10 minutes later, waited until now, which is 4 PM more than 7 hours, when I try a target I get the exact same error.
Alos, when I try to run the 2nd sync
sudo greenbone-feed-sync --type scap

I get


Failed to acquire lock, waiting for 5 sends and will retry

Please check the Feed Status page in the web interface if the feed data is loaded currently. The feed sync consists of downloading the data via the greenbone-feed-sync script and loading of the data by the daemons. Most likely if you get a locked message from greenbone-feed-sync the daemons are currently loading the data already. Loading the data can take a lot of time up to several hours. Especially for the initial first sync.

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It was also mentioned in a few existing topics that enough resources in form of RAM and CPU needs to be assigned to the VM. Not sure about the exact details but i wouldn’t even start with less then 4 Cores and 4-6 GB of RAM.

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OK Bricks, I added 2 more cores, RAM is 6044, I visited the feed status page, here is a snapshot. So it has been more than 24 hours (since yesterday)

Youupi, now status for all Feeds are current and scan for the target worked like a charm. Thanks for the hint about feeds, it really took a lot of time.
By the way, can I target a subnet lets say my home office machines inside a subnet so Greenbone scans all existing machines inside instead of defining targets one by one?


Such a pain! :unamused:
Same error on freshly installed Debian and following the Greenbone docker approach.
A million possible fixes, but none seem to work effectively.

Suggestion: create VMs (HyperV, VNware, VirtualBox, …) that actually work out of the gate.

Most of the time the fix is to be patient and wait until the feed data has been loaded. Take a look at the logs especially at the gvmd logs to follow what’s going on actually. I’ve written a lot about that in the build from source guide.


Seems I fixed something for the docker setup.

After 8 hours the Feed status was current for all, but still got the error.
Then I performed an update of the containers as per guide. Some existed, some got recreated, but it also looked like some where installed for a first time.
The feed updates didn’t take that long and all of a sudden I was able to create Tasks.

Just for completeness you will find more information about the feed synchronization using the Greenbone Community Containers at

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