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Hello Collegues,

I am fighting again with the same problems, inside a container installation.
I have solved already with the help of many guide in the source, but how to solve in the right way in container setup?
Thank you in advance for your help

I found the solution, but really is strange how could be that for this message no a normal response is released.
Also would be nice to insert in the troubleshouting some information that the container installation doesn’t start some service.
I spent more than 4 hours to troubleshout it.

sudo service postgresql start (the service was not started)

Thank you the same

I suppose you are NOT using the official Greenbone Community Containers?

I am using the official Greenbone Community Container and also I installed it following the official

Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 addressed at Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation

In that case this command will never work.

Instead you need to follow the docs for the feed synchronization. It just takes some time!

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Hello Bricks and thank you for your help.
Please consider that I have installed the containers, I have updated following the relative workflows document and also stopped and restarted the containers and always the some problem.
Only after the restart of Postgres start to work.
Sure may be was only a coincidence but it was that happened me.
I am sure that you will agree with me that there is not much documentation regarding the errors about installation on containers.
Many documents concern the installation from “source” which, as you well know, uses files located in completely different folders (docker area)
Thank you again
Giovanni Guarino

Hey @Giovanni

the containers work out of the box. If you followed our docs 1:1 and didn’t change anything in the compose file and something doesn’t work , it’s the fault of the containers. If you start from scratch with no volumes you should always get a workable running setup. If not, it’s very likely that the containers are broken in some kind. In 99% of the cases you wont need to go into some container and do something like with the source build. The source build is very prone for permissions issues which can’t be fixed just by restarting some service.

And regarding many documents, the only official document is the Greenbone Community Documentation. If you are facing an issue and it’s not specific to your setup, I am always willing to extend the docs for further advice. Just let me know.

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Hey @bricks.
The installation was totally from scratch on a latest Parrot Security Electro Ara 5.3 OS HTB in a Vbox environment.
I followed the documentation docs 1:1 and I didn’t change anything and I have enough experiences to uderstand what I am doing.
To support the community and integrate with some other documentation the container installation I will reinstall again.
Thanks again for your continuos and wonderful support