External DB

Maybe I’m just not using the right search terms as I feel like this should be a pretty obvious thing to do. I want to point gvmd at a postgres install not on the same host. I tried “-d” option, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. Searching through configs has not yielded anything that looks like what I wanted either. Can anyone point me towards an option for setting this up?


The next release of gvmd 20.08 should contain the command line options you’re looking for:

   --db-host=<host>                              Use <host> as database host or socket directory for PostgreSQL.
  --db-port=<port>                              Use <port> as database port or socket extension for PostgreSQL.

This sounds like a good start, but unless I’m misunderstanding this, the DB would still have to reside on the same host since the options do not include username/password for the DB. But I guess what I’m getting from this is that the real reason I can’t find it is that it’s not really possible yet.

Ah, indeed. I had missed the following:

This is currently only fully usable for local setups using UNIX domain sockets as authentication options for TCP/IP connections are still missing.

from that PR.