Extended Schedules

In the current version (GOS 4, GVM 9), it is necessary to create multiple schedules for a more sophisticated scheme. For example: scanning every week but only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

We extended the capabilities of the internal scheduler by adding support for the iCalendar (rfc5545) standard. Of course this standard is far too complex to implement all of it, but we implemented a couple of rules and it will be straight forward to add more if needed.

The Web-UI dialogs are extended as well for several use cases. The above example is now very easy to configure with a single schedule:


Scan every 1st and 10th of a month:

Scan the every first Monday of a month:

Internal feature code: FS-171116-3106


This is great news, much needed. I always wondered what happens to schedules that run on the 29,30,31 of the month when there isn’t such a date. Is it also possible to consider a scan limit on the schedule, so you can say “don’t run more than 2 scan tasks concurrently”? That way scheduling would become a lot easier because you can set 4 tasks to run on the first of the month but it would then only run 2 at a time and when one finishes, start the next one. This means we can have fewer schedules

There is a feature already in place that might help you: You can attach an alert to the first task that will automatically start another task upon scan end. This way you can easily chain tasks.


Thanks Jan, I can see that would work, but it means you are using Alerts to schedule tasks rather than the task scheduler and it also means you have to create a separate alert for each task. It’s rather convoluted and not clear to someone looking at the scheduler what is going to run. If that feature could somehow be built into the schedule that would be more obvious.