Exposing a UNIX socket for python-gvm scripting

Hello there,
I’ve been following the documentation about running the community edition and my goal is to run scripts for my hosts with pyhton-gvm to control openvas scanner.
I saw that in the docs, in order to do so I need to change the following on gvmd and gsa:

  •  - gvmd_socket_vol:/run/gvmd
  •  - /tmp/gvm/gvmd:/run/gvmd

what about gvm-tools volume? should I leave it as is?
Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 13.45.15

Thank you!

I would suggest following the documentation and then reporting if they do not work.

Depends on your use case(s). If you want to use the gvm-tools container to run scripts you need to change that socket location too. If you don’t use that container you can leave it as it is.